There are numerous benefits of McTimoney Treatment. These are summarised below:-


  • Improve irregular gait that has not been eliminated by a veterinary examination
  • Improve impulsion, ability to track up and engage hindquarters 
  • Improve posture, muscle symmetry and development
  • Improve suppleness, balance and straightness 
  • Improve effects of uneven shoe wear (horses)
  • Improve gait and uneven pad wear (dogs)

Behavioural (horses)

  • Improve behaviour and performance (e.g. uncharacteristic rearing, bucking, jogging, stumbling)
  • Improve movement and willingness to work, e.g. jump, lateral work, one rein stiffness
  • Alleviate grumpiness when being groomed or tacked up

Behavioural (dogs)

  • Remove discomfort when getting up, sitting or lying down
  • Improve movement and willingness to work, e.g. jump, get into cars, climb stairs etc.
  • Alleviate grumpiness, snappiness when being stroked or after exercise.

McTimoney treatment can help relieve an animal’s discomfort, pain and restore movement, caused by joint misalignments, after they’ve injured themselves or from problems caused by conformation, dental, feet or condition issues. Animals are subject to various strains and stresses to their musculoskelatal system during daily activities. Slipping, playing and turning tightly, repetitive movements, ill-fitting equipment etc. can all lead to misalignments. These misalignments, if not corrected can cause discomfort and reduced performance.